American Geophysical Union


  • Creative Direction
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Design
  • Documentary
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Infographic

AGU Centennial: 100 Years of Science

The American Geophysical Union launched a campaign to celebrate its 100-year anniversary, highlighting all the ways the world has benefited from Earth and space science and AGU’s role in furthering and promoting science globally. Our role was to provide a host of print and web materials promoting the campaign and driving traffic to the website to get people engaged in different activities throughout the year, culminating in the centennial event of 2019.

Explainer videos

Inge Lehmann

One of the landmark pieces of the campaign was celebrating the history of women in science. Inge Lehmann was chosen to represent how she discovered the Earth’s inner core to be solid. We were able to take advantage of an event to get interviews of world-renowned scientists to speak on Inge Lehmann and the process of her discovery.

We used a combination of illustrations, interviews, footage and video sourced directly from NASA to create a comprehensive explainer video.

See the entire video above!


Social Media


We developed a number of different animations for social media surrounding specific themes each month, such as International Women’s Day, Earth Day, and Science Week. Featured here are animations based on earth core samples, gathered from all over the world, telling the history of each location and why core samples are so important.

Chicxulub Crater 1:47

Core samples taken from the crater tell the story of how the crater was formed and how life has grown there since.


Creative direction

Iceberg Alley 0:57

Another core sample animation depicts how human-created climate change has impacted sea level. This was repurposed and built from an amazing poster a colleague created for the same project.


Creative direction



In conjunction with AGU, EOS planned a infographic spread in their centennial collection edition of their magazine, celebrating 100 years of Earth and space science in the AGU sphere. My role in this project was to provide creative direction on design elements and layout to my creative team for development.


The materials for AGU use a merge of space and science as an inspiration. The color palette includes dark blues and whites with accent colors of orange and turquoise. The fonts are a mix of modern and traditional to allude to the history of AGU while looking forward into the future.


Proxima Nova