National Archives Foundation


  • Creative Direction
  • Project Management
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Whiteboard video

Seas of Knowledge

As part of a collaborative process to produce a clearer picture on Earth weather and climate, the National Archives Foundation, together with the National Archives and NOAA, are making the effort to reanalyze, digitize and recover historical data from logbooks of U.S. Naval vessels. Aiming to educate the public on this endeavor, we developed two educational whiteboard videos outlining these efforts to be used on this standalone website and on social media channels.

An introduction to the Seas of Knowledge digitization project.

Development Process

Once a script was developed, we pulled together existing design elements from the website design firm, and created or sourced additional illustrations to develop a storyboard of how the animation would flow.

These visuals were then integrated with the script itself to give the client a clear view of how the story would unfold in a moving format, including descriptions of how elements would be animated.

After an intensive review process with scientists and the NAF team, the video was developed, integrated on the website, and distributed via social media.  See the finished product above!


Storms of the Past

What the Puzzle Reveals 1:36

A continuation of the initial introduction of the Seas of Knowledge project, describing what examining centuries-old logbooks can reveal to climate scientists about past, present and future weather patterns.


General guidelines were provided by the website design team that we adhered to and built upon, using a combination of blues and greens, integrating a light tea-colored background with some textural effects to refer back to the historical log books.


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