2016 – 2020

  • Illustration
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Graphics
  • Travel posters
  • Baseball cards
  • Data visualization
  • Animation

Energy in Illustration

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to do a number of illustrative works for clients in the energy sector. Due to the nature of the projects and clients, these examples are compiled here in blind case studies, and details are provided on the works themselves. These include travel posters, baseball cards, data visualization, and social media motion graphics.

Travel Posters

Energy Across the U.S.

My team and I created a spin on travel posters for an energy client. The goal was to subtly support the use of energy while showcasing the geographical locations within the U.S. We built each poster by hand using Illustrator, focusing heavily on the landscape. Each poster was then translated into smaller graphics for posting on social media.

Baseball Cards

Energy Players

For the same client we then repurposed some of the travel poster artwork and expanded upon it to develop a series of baseball cards, imagining the main sources of energy as its own ‘player’ in the league. All members of the creative department got a chance to contribute to the designs. On the back of each baseball card is a description of each energy source with usage and production statistics listed.

Data Visualizations

Carbon Emissions Around the Globe

An assortment of charts and graphs depicting falling U.S. carbon emissions were created to accompany a report on the Clean Energy Plan.

Canvas Animation

The U.S. Model

An animation built for Facebook Canvas, posing the question how do we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, built with a variety of sizes in mind.

A collaborative effort was made to develop a script with proposed visuals for each scene. These visuals were then developed in Illustrator into a storyboard and shown with the script, including descriptions of how elements would be animated, to undergo an iterative process of review before animating.

After the review process of the static designs were complete, each scene was brought into After Effects and animated with the script overlaid as a voice over, exported and finalized for viewing on social media.

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